Americas Math Teacher is Now!

We now have a brand new website! Our new program has the same fantastic video tutorials, and worksheets, but it is now in a brand new home! The whole interface was redesigned based on the feedback from our thousands of parents, teachers and students. If you don’t have a membership, check out our new website and try out our fantastic program. If you already have an AMT account, click the members button to sign in.

Read our FAQ’s below to get answers and information regarding AMT and our new website


All of our AMT members can have a MathandAlgebra account for the length of their AMT subscription. Just contact us, and we will send you a coupon to create your account.

MathandAlgebra was a complete redesign on a brand new platform. It was not feasible to transfer all the AMT accounts over to MathandAlgebra.

We will still support AMT and our users, but we will not be accepting any new subscriptions. All new subscriptions will be accepted at

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